Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Abs, Run, and Oncology - Oh my!

After a late night and a lazy morning, I channeled Black Sabbath to motivate me into getting out of bed. From there the day continued to go, not without a hitch, but in a very positive way.

tl;dr video

While doing my usual morning scroll through Facebook, I was reminded by Runner in Training that it was Workout Wednesday. I had some time to burn before my running partner, Mario, arrived and it was only an eight minute video, so I proclaimed, "Why not?!"

The workout was intense. Quick transitions from one exercise to the next kept me feeling the burn and also wanting to stop. Becky helped keep me motivated though, and next thing I knew we were done! Covered in sweat, I gathered my things and waited for Mario's arrival.

Uncharacteristically, Mario drove instead of running to my house. We briefly talked about our route and pace, then took off. The miles flew by with good company and conversation. However, as we started our second dog park loop, we started to talk about my cancer treatments and how often I need to go for a check-up. Then it dawned on me. I had one this morning!

Whoops! Not really sure what time the appointment was, I flew home leaving Mario to do the rest of the run by himself.

I called the oncology department, to which they reassured of my poor memory. My appointment was in fifteen minutes. I live thirty minutes away... bummer.

The good news, they said I could show up as early as I could. So, I took a three to four minute shower and bolted out the door.

Arriving just before noon, my appointment went great. I've maintained my weight, heart rate was low (though slightly elevated from slamming my post-workout drink of Abloc Recovery, almond milk, and coffee), and my blood pressure was spot on.

Then, Dr. Major came in. He gave me a once over, and we talked about the future. He reminded me how follicular lymphoma is rarely cured and usually comes back --- more like a chronic illness. However, he reiterated how we took a sledgehammer to an ant and is hoping/expecting the best. Along with this, he announced his retirement to me. So, I will either stop seeing an oncologist all together or be appointed to a new one (we both were leaning towards the former, since I have been in great health for three years now).

So, all in all, a solid day.
A great ab workout to warm-up, a quick 7.8 miles with good company, and a positive oncology appointment!